Invisible Text (ㅤ) Invisible Character

Are you looking for some Invisible text or characters? Here you can find all types of invisible letters, invisible text for your name and also invisible characters. All invisible or blank characters & text are provided as requested by the user.

Invisible Character

The main difference between Invisible Text and normal text is that the former cannot be seen by the naked eye. There are a number of ways to create or generate Invisible Text on a document or web page. Some methods are explained here and some are Invisible Text here to copy and use.

Invisible Text or characters is something that has been hidden on any document, photo, website, image, file, etc. It may be any sort of information you want to hide. It is just like the text that you are reading right now. But there is one difference, while you read that text, you can clearly see it on the paper or screen. On the other hand, when you try to view the Invisible Text, you will not be able to read or see it. That is why we call it invisible text.

There can be many names for this blank or invisible text, because users can see it in computer text for instance – empty character, empty text, invisible character, invisible letter, blank character, blank text & invisible space.

Invisible Unicode

Invisible Unicode characters are used to create special symbols. They are often used in computer programming, HTML coding, or as text decorations. Some examples are :

UnicodeUnicode NamesDemo
U+0020Space[ ]
U+00A0No-Break Space[ ]
U+2000En Quad[ ]
U+2001Em Quad[ ]
U+2002En Space[ ]
U+2003Em Space[ ]
U+2004Three-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2005Four-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2006Six-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2007Figure Space[ ]
U+2008Punctuation Space[ ]
U+2009Thin Space[ ]
U+200AHair Space[ ]
U+2028Line Separator[
U+205FMedium Mathematical Space[ ]
U+3000Ideographic Space[ ]
invisible Characters

What are invisible Characters & invisible text?

An Invisible character, as the name suggests does not appear on the screen instead a blank space appears in its place. People commonly call it an empty character or blank space, an invisible letter, and hidden text.

Since this text is invisible, you cannot see it on your computer or mobile screen. The text on my screen is seen & filled by the computer. These types of text fonts & symbols are used by users to create space for their design in the text area & text location.

It is important to know that invisible letters and text are a form of fonts. In computers and letters, there are invisible or unique fonts. Invisible text is used in so many fills & it is also part of the user’s user name on their social media or in any game’s username.

Blank Character

Unicode characters are invisible glyphs that don’t appear onscreen but take up space like different characters. Whitespace characters are a special type of character that isn’t always displayed. The most popular Whitespace character is Space ( ) that you can create using the spacebar button. There are different kinds of these characters depending on how you use them.

Empty Character

We use empty characters to address a blank area of the document with no need for a word processing application to save them. The whitespace character doesn’t show up on the screen. A clear character is typically a plain, regular, Unicode character like U+0020, U+00A0, U+FEFF, and so on.

Invisible characters are characters that don’t appear as a glyph in standard font sets, like the ones included in Windows systems. They aren’t there. There are a ton of empty characters in Unicode.

Invisible Name copy and paste

You can copy and paste Invisible Name on your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Discord. It is important to note that these special characters have particular importance in their normal setting, which means you can utilize them in different applications that don’t allow for regular whitespace characters.

Invisible Text

These invisible characters & text can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to fill the space between the text. It can be used as a special font in the layout of any website. It can be used as a filler or to add the missing text for the layout. This invisible text is commonly used by web designers and graphic designers. It is one of the most common fonts in use. They are often used for background graphics, special effects, and text files. You can also use them in the title of a page or even in the logo.

Invisible text is a good choice for designers because it has a unique look that can make the text stand out from the rest of the design. This type of text can be used to create an impact on your design. In this way, it is possible to add space, and you can also use it for branding purposes.


What does the invisible letters tool do?

Copy and paste invisible text and letters with our free tool. You just need to visit our website and there is a copy button Copy invisible letters or text. After that, you can paste this text wherever you need it.

The text will be invisible, but it will be there for sure! 

Use of Invisible Text letters

There are so many places or areas where you can use this type of text & it’s supported by 90% of the social media platforms. You should put this in your post, username, and profile bio. Here is a list of websites where users use invisible text.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Games User Name

Invisible Text and Characters for Social Media

You can use our Invisible Letters for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter bio posts. Also, it appears in all of the bio sections for all of these social media platforms. In the bio section, we use invisible letters to create a professional-looking biography and profile.

We have also created an invisible letter for LinkedIn. You can use this letter on your personal and business profiles. It is a simple, yet effective way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd. The Invisible Letters for Instagram are easy to use. Just copy the invisible text and paste it into your Instagram bio or profile.

How To Copy Paste Invisible Text and Characters?

Our website allows you to view & copy all invisible text or invisible letters. This text is easy to use. Just Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Visit to copy invisible text.
  2. On this Website, You can See A Tool For Copying Invisible Text.
  3. Click on Copy Button.
  4. You get a Notification that you copied the invisible Text.
  5. Now You Are Ready to Paste.
  6. Go to the required Text Area & Paste it.
  7. Use this invisible text in any place that you want to paste.

Invisible Character Discord

The invisible characters on Discord are a bit of an urban legend. While a user can be invisible, it’s not as easy as having your username simply disappear. Your account username and your chosen profile picture will remain visible, even if you change your username. To Copy Invisible Text for discord go to the top here – Invisible Text

Also, use invisible emojis to make your discord name invisible. Invisible emojis are not different are also the same as invisible text.

Invisible Discord Name
Invisible Discord Name

Invisible Letters for Whatsapp Messages

With the help of Blank characters, users can do some awesome things with Invisible WhatsApp text messages like blank messages and empty messages. These empty characters can be used as WhatsApp statuses & to create blank WhatsApp messages.

With the help of these invisible letters, you can also send blank messages to your friends on WhatsApp. If you are using WhatsApp, then you must have already seen that you can send blank messages in your WhatsApp chat box. But many users are looking for ways to send invisible blank messages on WhatsApp. Blank Characters For WhatsApp Messages There are many ways to send a blank message on WhatsApp. But the best way is to use Blank Characters in WhatsApp. Copy the blank characters from the top of the website. If you are new to WhatsApp, then you may not know about blank characters and how to use them.

Invisible Letters for Whatsapp
Invisible Letters for Whatsapp Messages

Invisible Text for Instagram

Our Invisible Letters Tool Will Make Your Instagram Profile Bio Or Post More Attractive & Style-Looking. Almost all of the blank characters can be used on social media. texto invisible

The Invisible Letters is the best tool to create a unique profile or post on Instagram. It’s a free tool for Instagram users who want to add their profile, bio, or caption to their Instagram profile with invisible text. So, you can also use this tool to make your posts more attractive. Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. On this site, you can share photos, videos, and even your stories.

Invisible Text for Instagram
Invisible Text for Instagram

Invisible Letters for PUBG & FreeFire

These blank characters or invisible letters can be used by players to create their own unique username or profile name in games such as PUBG & Free Fire. A gamer’s username is usually different and unique from another player’s. Therefore, all you need to do is create a creative name for your Game Profile using these invisible letters.

All the invisible letters available in the game are listed below: You can use this invisible text to create the username for your account. You can also create a nickname for your profile. The best part of this is that you can easily change your username or profile name without having to pay a single penny.

Invisible Text Copy and Paste Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

How do create Invisible Characters?

It’s Easy to create Invisible characters. Visit Our Website Copy and Paste Invisible Text.

Can I use Invisible Character for Instagram?

Yes, you can use Invisible text on Instagram. and Not Only Instagram you can use it on all social media.

Can I use Invisible text for Whatsapp?

Yes, you can use all this Invisible Text on Whatsapp and all social media.

Can I use Invisible text for Games?

Yes, you can use all this Invisible Text on Games usernames or IDs.

Can I use Invisible text for PUBG?

Yes, you can use Invisible characters for PUBG usernames.

Can I use Invisible characters for FREE FIRE?

Yes, you can use Invisible characters for FREE FIRE usernames.

How to get Invisible Character For Discord?

Go to – and copy Invisible Character For Discord.


In conclusion, the Invisible Text Tool is a very useful tool that makes invisible texts. It will help you to add any type of invisible characters or text to any text or image, without leaving a trace. It’s very simple to use and works with any text editor.